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Resiliency: the ability to bounce back

This was the Giant’s intro to the 42nd Superbowl. Resiliency. That is probably one of my favorite words.

I often talk about how much I despise the human race. About all of the times that people have failed me or broke my trust. But really, how can someone hate something as beautiful as humankind?

Human beings are the most complex species known to mankind. Our intricacy has created social and emotional obstacles that everyone has to deal with in life. The amazing part of it all is how we are able, no only to deal with it, but to overcome it. Someone could be hit with something so emotionally damaging, yet they can all recover. We are all resilient. It still astounds me when I hear a story about someone that can continue to live their life after hitting rock bottom, whether its because of depression, addiction, rape, loss of a loved one, etc.

Resiliency. Its definitely something that should be appreciated. When you think about it, its almost like a super power; an ability to overcome any obstacle. What a beautiful gift.

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Posted 2 years ago
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